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2001 Maserati Quattroporte

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Body Sedan
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2.8 V6
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Blue metallic
Interior Color Blue
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
One of only 50 Cornes Special Series
Specially crafted for renowned Japanese Maserati and Ferrari importer Cornes
The odometer reads only 31.000 miles since new
Finished in an attractive shade of Blue Sebring with blue leather interior
The Cornes Special Series are the 50 last built Quattroportes of this generation
The fourth generation of the Quattroporte made its world première at the April 1994 Turin Motor Show, with sales beginning towards the end of the year. Initially, the Quattroporte featured twin-turbocharged, 24-valve V6 engines sourced from the Ghibli model.
The fourth-generation Maserati Quattroporte is the brainchild of renowned designer Marcello Gandini and represents a significant evolution from the 4-door Maserati Biturbo. Interestingly, following the incorporation of the legendary marque by Fiat, Ferrari became involved in the development of Maserati models, resulting in the creation of the Quattroporte Evoluzione—a name that aptly reflects its purpose. This luxurious Maserati sedan enhanced every aspect while retaining its distinctive, angular design.

The cabin of the Quattroporte was luxuriously appointed, featuring Connolly leather upholstery and elm burl wood veneer trim. Weight reduction, to the tune of at least 300 kg compared to its predecessor, the Quattroporte III, was achieved primarily through the utilization of compact Biturbo underpinnings and a more compact powerplant.


This, however, is no ordinary Quattroporte Evoluzione.

In 2001, when this generation of Quattroporte was coming to an end, leading Maserati and Ferrari importer Cornes requested a special version for its best customers.

The Evoluzione Cornes Special Series was born.

To make the Cornes Serie Speciale as special as possible, some extra things were introduced. For instance, the Serie Speciale has the all-new Maserati emblem on the side instead of the standalone trident.

In the interior, the car has a plate with the unique number on it. This example is number 37 of the total 50 Cornes Serie Speciales built.

In comparison to “standard” Quattroportes, the car is also equipped with new, more comfortable seats.

The Quattroporte was available in several colors but this example was beautifully specified in Blue Sebring with a blue leather interior.

The Maserati arrived from Japan to the UK in 2008 and it was sold to it’s former owner, a collector of rare and beautiful Italian cars in the Netherlands in 2015.

This Maserati has always been a collectors car and it was sparingly and carefully used resulting in the fact that the car has only driven 31.000 miles since new, making this an extremely low mileage example.


To be more specific, the Maserati drove 30,190 km since new and this low amount of miles can be easily recognized in the condition of the car.
The Maserati has a very nice and fresh appearance.
The paint is very nice and no big signs of use can be found.

All windows are in a nice condition without stone chips. The wheels are in a nice condition without damages from parking or whatsoever.

Apart from some minor, usual signs of use, the car looks very fresh.


The Maserati was ordered in a very nice specification of Blue Sebring with a very stylish blue interior.

The leather used in the Cornes series is from a very high quality which can be recognized by it’s thickness.

The sophisticated cockpit radiates Italian craftsmanship at its finest and is adorned with exquisite details.

Take, for instance, the wooden trim and the gold-colored clock positioned in the center of the dashboard.
Interestingly, the absence of this clock was the only notable difference in the Evoluzione version.

Like the exterior, the interior gives a very clean impression due to the low amount of miles.

The entire interior has wood inlays which can be found on the steering wheel in the dashboard and at the centre console.


When you start the Maserati, you immediately understand why these cars are so impressive to drive. The sound which is produced by the engine is fabulous. Maserati is known for it’s wonderful sound and that is certainly no different with this one.

With its smooth automatic transmission and the sound of the V6, this Quattroporte is truly a joy to drive.
The handling is great and driving the car gives the feeling as being in a 2 seater sports car while the entire family can join.
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